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Dept. of Chemical Engineering

TEL : +82-51-629-6420,6421
FAX : +82-51-629-7487

Chemical Engineering is a key national industrial technology based on traditional chemical engineering fields such as refinery, petrochemicals, polymers, fertilizers, and fine chemicals. It also holds an important position in advanced fields such as biotechnology, semiconductors, electronic materials, energy and the environment, and the medical industry. Knowledge of chemical engineering is required throughout the process from the collection of raw materials such as petroleum to the manufacture of products such as gasoline, plastics, and pharmaceuticals. Therefore, the main point of education in the Department of Chemical Engineering is to acquire knowledge of physicochemical principles, chemical engineering production technology, the development of products with environmental and economic efficiency, and the construction of factories, and to promote the qualities of future technology managers. After graduation, students work in companies and research institutes, educational institutions, and administrative organizations, in fields such as petrochemicals, various materials, semiconductors and electricity, automobiles, shipbuilding and heavy industry, the steel industry, precision industrial chemistry, and energy engineering.

Educational Objectives

Learn basic and professional knowledge of chemical engineering and develop design skill to be a successful engineer.

Produce outstanding engineers of the international standards and the site adaptation ability worldwide.

Educate individuals oriented best for cooperation and communication in the R&D of brand-new technologies.

Job Opportunities

· Field and R&D of corporations.

· Administrative and educational institutions.

· In the fields of petrochemical industry / plastics / paint industry / materials / automobile, steel, heavy industry and shipbuilding / renewable energy / medicine and pharmaceutics / cosmetics / environment industry, etc.

Faculty List

Name Specialty E-mail
Jun-Heok Lim Responsive Engineering, Energy & Environment
Kyung Beom Lee Production Planning, Logistics Optimization
Yong-Sun Won Energy Materials Processing
Liu Joon Intelligent System
Do-Jin Lim Higher Transport Phenomenon
Yiseul Park Photoelectrochemistry for energy/environmental application
Sungin Lim Biomolecular engineering
hyuktaek Kwon Advanced Separation
Sangho Lee Nano/Energy Materials
Jaekyung Lee Catalysis and reaction engineering
Eunkwang Lee Organic and inorganic electronics and materials
Changsoo Lee Gas separators and energy materials