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Major of Materials System Engineering

TEL : +82-51-629-6370, 6382
FAX : +82-51-629-6373

Materials System Engineering is a discipline that understands the properties of materials in various aspects, develops manufacturing processes to realize the designed properties, and provides new values for the materials and processes to our society. There has always been a demand for new materials in human civilization, and new materials have helped our society make great strides in a variety of technology fields, such as electronics, communication, energy, and transport. In this rapidly changing society, the importance of material scientists/engineers with creative ideas is higher than ever. We are helping our students to have core competencies through a high-level of education and contributing to society by developing new materials and innovative processes.

Educational Objectives

The education goal of Major of Materials System Engineering.

Educate creative and professional engineers having both theory and practice working in materials system engineering field.

Educate intelligent engineers having problem solving and programming skills requiring in engineering practice.

Educate global engineers having presentation, communication and foreign language skill about engineering subject.

The education outcome of Major of Materials System Engineering.

Ability to apply theory with math, basic science and engineering.

Ability to analyze data and implement experiments.

Ability to design processing and system according to requirements.

Ability to perceive and solve engineering problems.

Ability to use technology, methods, means requiring in engineering practice.

Ability to perform one’s role in scientifically mixed team.

Ability to communicate effectively.

Ability to perceive the importance of lifelong education and participate positively.

Broad knowledge to read how engineering solutions influence the global, economic, social and environmental situations.

Basic knowledge about the economy, the management, the environment, the law and issues.

Ability to recognize professional and ethic responsibility.

Ability to understand the world cultures and cooperate internationally.

Job Opportunities

Energy plant field, Nuclear energy plant field, Environment-friendly material field, Steel and nonferrous field, Metal forming field, The aerospace industry field, Heavy industry and heavy chemical industry field, Automotive and machine industry field, Ceramic material field, Electricity and electronics industry field, Wire making industry field, a high molecule and fiber field, Composite materials field, Wire making industry, Industry machine, Such as energy industry institutions industry and new material subject of research institute or new material agencies, Foundry, Heat treatment, Surface treatment, Administrator and researcher, Graduate school, Government laboratory, Educational institution and administrative agency, Other related industry.

Faculty List

Name Specialty E-mail
Sung-Gyoo Kim materials science and engineering
Byung-Woo Lee metallurgical and materials science and engineering
Won-Chan Seo manufacturing systems engineering
Gil-Geun Lee materials science and engineering
Han-Sang Kwon engineering of nanocomposite materials
Young-soo Lim materials science and engineering
Junghwan Kim materials engineering
Eun-Joon Chun Materials Engineering