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Major of Display Semiconductor Engineering

TEL : +82-51-629-6405,6406
FAX : +82-51-629-6408

The Major of Display Semiconductor Engineering is a unique major in Korea that educates and studies the whole field of display technology including image formation, processing, analysis, and driving. In order to increase the depth of study, the track system of the major is implemented and classified into the "material area" and the "system area." In each track, students can learn all of the devices, materials, and systems of displays in a convergent way, so that they can explore the field in depth and prepare for employment according to their individual aptitude. This major aims to educate professionals in the field of the display industry, which is becoming a future high-tech industry.

Educational Objectives

The educational aim is to develop display-related technologies and training display-related human resources.

Job Opportunities

KOSHA, Korea Safety association

· Conglomerates : Samsung Electronics, Samsung SDI, Samsung Techwin, Samsung Mobile Display, LG Electronics, LG Display, Seoul semiconductor, Kumho Electric, Inc. Hyosung

· Small Business : ukseung chemical, iljin display, lumimicro

· Laboratory : Korea Institute of Lighting Technology, Korea Institute of Machinery & Materials

Faculty List

Name Specialty E-mail
Yong-Seok Jeong Semiconductor Engineering,Physical Electronics
Jong-Tae Kim Optical Design and Evaluation
Hoon Heo Physical Chemistry, Burn Analysis
Ji Hong Kim Electronic Imaging, Fire Engineering
Jeong-Su Oh Basic Electronics, Digital Imaging
Jong-Su Kim Nanotechnology, Display Practices
Byung-gwon Cho Electromagnetism,Digital Logic Circuits
Yonghyun Kim Engineering Mathematics, Optical and Electronic Recording Materials
Dongpyo Han Photonic Semiconductors, Power Semiconductors