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Major of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineering

TEL : +82-51-629-6171,6172
FAX : +82-51-629-6174

The Major of Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Engineering systematically educates and researches theory and application techniques related to the refrigeration and air conditioning field, which is becoming increasingly important as well as improving living standards due to the advancement of industrial technologies. The field of refrigeration and air conditioning is rapidly growing year by year and has great prospects in the areas of electronic home appliances (e.g. refrigerators and air conditioners), transportation (e.g. cars and ships), cooling and heating of buildings (e.g. heat pumps), air conditioning (e.g. clean rooms), new renewable energy (e.g. solar energy and unutilized energy), cryogenic fields where high-value products are stored, and more. The major has excellent professors in this field. They aim to cultivate outstanding professional manpower to lead the refrigeration and air conditioning sector in Korea in the 21st century through practical education in theory, lectures, and experiments. More than 80% of the graduates of this major are employed in major domestic and foreign corporations and public enterprises every year. As a result, the major maintains the highest employment rate in the university. It is a promising major that receives significant demand for graduates from midsize companies.

Educational Objectives

Produce professionals who have an ability to design in the refrigeration and air-conditioning field.

Produce professionals who have an ability to adapt to internationally new technical environments.

Produce professionals who have an ability to apply information-technics as a engineer in an informationally oriented society.

Job Opportunities

Our major contributes main roll of refrigerating and air-conditioning industry in Korea. The university graduate of our major has the following jobs of the various working field of the society. Field of domestic electric appliance (manufacturing of Refrigerating and Air-conditioning Equipments) Related field of machine and shipbuilding (heavy industry, automobile, shipbuilding, aircraft, machinery, architecture and civil engineering) Architecture and engineering field (related manufacturing company of Refrigerating and Air-conditioning Equipments, clean room) Energy related field (heat control field, development of alternative energy and field of storage) Food related field (frozen food field, cold chain field) Education field (teaching staff of high school and universities) Laboratory , public official and public enterprise , graduate school Self employed business ( design, manufacturing , equipment , HVAC)

Faculty List

Name Specialty E-mail
Jong-Soo Kim Air Conditioning, Heat Exchanger
Jong-Soo Kum Air-Conditioning Equipment Engineering
Kwang-Hwan Choi Solar Energy Engineering
Jung-In Yoon Refrigeration, Energy System Engineering
Seok-Kwon Jeong Electrical and Computer Engineering, Electrical Control
Eun-Pil Kim Computational Thermal Fluid Dynamics
chang-hyo son Refrigeration System Equipment, Cryogenics