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Major of Materials Science and Engineering

TEL : +82-51-629-6350,6351
FAX : +82-51-629-6353

The Major of Material Engineering macroscopically and microscopically studies and educates students about metals, inorganic (ceramic) materials, polymers, composites, and electronic materials. It deals with theories for understanding the basic structure and properties of materials, theories on the unique properties of metals, inorganic and organic materials, machines for structural changes and defects of solids, theories of changes in electrical and electronic properties, non-polluting energy generation materials, semiconductor devices, environment-friendly materials, aerospace composites, hydrogen storage alloys, and superconducting materials. Students acquire special knowledge through various experiments and training and contribute to the development and application of various materials used industrially.

Educational Objectives

Our educational objectives are understanding about material at both the macro and micro level on how to maximize the efficiency of metals, inorganic(ceramics), polymers, complex and electrical materials and cultivate high-class professionals.

Job Opportunities

After the graduations, there are huge range of careers that include the energy sector, alternative energy options, metal engineering, aerospace, environmental engineering, and electrical engineering, to name just a few. This means that students can go to all industrial fields dealing with metals, inorganic, polymer, complex and electrical materials.

Faculty List

Name Specialty E-mail
Yong-Sik Ahn Metal Strength, Heat Treatment, Reliability Evaluation
Bu-Ahn Kim Ceramics
Byung-Hyun Ahn Polymer Synthesis, Polymer Nanomaterials
Hee-Rak Choi High-Temperature Superconductors, Piezoelectric Ceramics
Woon Ik Park Nanopattering, Nanotransfer printing, Nanoimprint, Directed self-assembly
Sang-Hoon Noh Dispersed Strengthening Alloys, Nuclear Materials, Powder Metallurgy Welding and Joint Engineering
Geon-Tae Hwang Magneto-electric conversion Complex, Piezoelectric / frictional harvesting and Sensing, Ferroelectric / Piezoelectric materials
Sung-Dae Kim Development of microstructure analysis of materials, real-time observation electron microscope (in-situ TEM) analysis, and electron microscope analysis
Kyeong-Ho Kim Electrode material synthesis, electrochemical reaction mechanism analysis
Chan-won Jung Thermoelectric material, 3-Dimensional Atom Probe Tomography (APT), Control and Analysis of Nanosurface Properties