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Major of Mechanical Engineering

TEL : +82-51-629-6122~5
FAX : +82-51-629-6126

The Major of Mechanical Engineering is the most fundamental and important field in mechanical-based industrial scopes. The objective of this major is to train students as technical experts in the information society of a technologyintensive industry. It teaches a modern concept of mechanical engineering based on computer applications including optimal design, manufacturing automation and precision, and artificial intelligence. Utilizing computers and software, CAD/CAM/CAE are instructed for design, manufacturing, and analysis. The concept and principle of CIM integrated with the planning, process design, and manufacturing automation of product manufacturing are instructed. The Energy System group is focused on the development of alternative sources of energy such as solar, fuel cell, and hydrogen energy. Energy conversion research areas such as combustion and heat exchanger systems and fluid power generation related to pump and turbo-machinery systems are also covered. Toward these goals, the theories and technologies of thermo-fluid systems engineering are instructed. Finally, it is the educational goal of this major to train specialists in machine design, manufacturing automation, and energy systems to lead mechanical engineering.

Educational Objectives

Education of mechanical engineer with creative and synthetic design ability.

Education of prospective expert in fields of environmental friendly machine

Education of green technology pioneer in fields of new and recoverable energy system with high efficiency and safe facilities

Education of active and outstanding leader of engineering fields in regional and international society

Job Opportunities

Jobs in industrial company or reserch institute(heavy industry, automotive, shipbuilding, construction, aircraft company) after graduation. Jobs in venture company(information technology, image processing, software development, precision machinery, robot, automatics), public company, graduate school, foreign cimpany, business maneger, small company, mold design, automotive company.

Faculty List

Name Specialty E-mail
Wukchul Joung Heat Transfer and Heat Measurement
Dae-Min Kang Plastic Working, CAD/CAM/CAE, Light Weight
Kyu-Taek Han Design/Manufacturing of Molds and Wind Turbines
Oh-Boong Kwon Fluid Engineering, Heat Transfer
Jeong Park Combustion Engineering
Jeong Soo Kim Spacecraft Propulsion Systems
Jae-Sub Kwak Precision Micro Machining, System Design and Optimization, Artificial Intelligence
Tae-Wan Kim Tribology, Nature-Inspired Engineering, Structure Design
Young Whan Park Laser Machining, Welding Monitoring and Automation
Chang-yong Lee Aeronautical Structural Dynamics
Hyung-ju Lee Thermal Fluid Engineering, Combustion / Propulsion engineering
Jaeyub Hyun Wave mechanics, Metamaterials, Multiphysics, Topology optimization, Data-driven design