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Think About Tomorrow

Educational Purpose

University On the basis of freedom of study and by means of creativeresearch and education, Pukyong National University aims to nurture high-quality human resources with open-mindedness and sense of responsibility, which can create the bright future fot the community, the nation and humankind.

Educational Objectives

College of Engineering The college of engineering aims to conduct research and instrch and instruct studies which arerelated to enforcing fundamentals of basic engineering, intensifying a major field of study, and activating an educational-industrial complex with the real industry.

Reinforcement of
Basic Engineering Education
Activation of

Engineering of the Future

  • Development of differentiated
    engineering education system

  • Nurture of talented engineers
    for the globalized world

  • Building up Industrial-Academic cooperation

  • Contributions to local industrial development

Faculty Status(As of September 1, 2022)

Professors 111 Adjunct Professors 17
Associate Professors 18 Visiting Professors 0
Assistant Professors 37 Assistant 44
Administrative 17  

Student Status(As of September 1, 2022)

Diagnosis College of Engineering Enrolled student 4,439
Department & Major 22 Delay graduation 30
  Student on a leave of absence 1,943