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Major of Naval Architecture and Marine Systems Engineering

TEL : +82-51-629-6609,6610
FAX : +82-51-629-6608

The goal of the Major of Naval Architecture and Marine Systems Engineering is to enable students to make contributions to the development of the shipbuilding and marine industries. Students study essential theories and methodologies for designing ships and offshore structures. In addition, they expand their knowledge to the field of energy development and marine space.

Educational Objectives

To contribute to academic development through proper education and specialized study

To educate men of talent that contribute to development of scientific technology based on knowledge of naval architecture & marine systems engineering

To produce superior students who can play a role in leading global shipbuilding industry

Job Opportunities

· Design and production for shipbuilding (HYUNDAI, DAEWOO, SAMSUNG, HYUNDAI-SAMHO, HANJIN, HYUNDAI-MIPO, STX), Marine equipment Research Institute,

· Go on to Graduate School Through the intensive research and classes, we cultivate many expert of distinguished talent who are work in the relevant company and Research Center.

Faculty List

Name Specialty E-mail
Sung-Yong Bae Fluid-Structure Interaction Vibration, Structural Vibration
Sang-Mook Shin Computational Fluid Dynamics
Jung-Min Sohn Hull Structural Strength, Impact Engineering
Jongyong Park Autonomous marine vehicle
Woochan Seok Ship resistance and propulsion
Namguk Koo Ship calculation, ship basic design, multibody system dynamics, artificial intelligence, weld quality inspection