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Major of Electrical Engineering

TEL : +82-51-629-6306
FAX : +82-51-629-6305

Electricity is a foundation of engineering and connected with not only engineering but also our life. Electrical signals are used to start and control household appliances, industrial robots, and precision systems. Electrical energy is the basis of nearly everything we see, hear, and feel. In the Major of Electrical Engineering, you can study electrical energy. As the Fourth Industrial Revolution nears, the importance of the Major of Electrical Engineering grows more significant. Pukyong National University is training experts who have knowledge about energy efficiency, electrical energy, the generation/ distribution/consumption of energy, enveloping productivity, and high technology living equipment.

Educational Objectives

Ingenious professional engineers who have enough experiences in of electrical engineering.

Engineers who can use essential software about engineering and have executive ability about solving problems.

international engineers who can speak foreign languages and have communicative abilities about engineering

Job Opportunities

Korea Electric Power Corporation & Power Corporation , New and Renewable Energy Center , Machinery automobile , Shipbuilding Company , Electronics, Semiconductor Corporation , Steel Company, Telecommunications Company, Heavy Industry , Railway Company , Subways Company , Electric automobile Company, Aerospace , Korea Telecom Authority , Ubiquitous computing , Medical Electronics , Broadcasting Station , Educational Institution, Administrative Agency.

Faculty List

Name Specialty E-mail
Bong-Kwan Jo Medical Electronics
Jong-Il Bae System Control, Mechatronics
Han-Seok Park Electric Machinery, Energy
Young-Hak Kim Electromagnetic Engineering
Eui-Cheol Nho Power Electronics
In-Dong Kim Power Electronics
Yoon-Seok Jang Biological Signal Processing
Sung-Yeol Kwon Sensor Engineering, MEMS
Kyung-Il Woo Electric Machinery
Chang-Hyun Park Electric Power System Engineering
Yong-Wook Lee Photonics Engineering