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Major of Industrial and Management Engineering & Technology and data Engineering

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FAX : +82-51-629-6478

Industrial and Management Engineering &  Technology and data Engineering is an inter-disciplinary profession coordinating all the individual functions into a harmonious whole. SME optimizes systems by developing, improving, and implementing the integration of people, money, knowledge, and information, while other engineering disciplines focus only on specific technologies or industrial areas. Based on knowledge of scientific disciplines and management strategies, SME has expanded its application to a wide range of industrial areas including manufacturing systems, logistics and supply-chain systems, service systems, information systems, and technology management. Adopting new technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data analytics, and the Internet of Things (IoT), SME is prepared to face future innovations induced by the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Educational Objectives

Systems Management and Engineering (SME) is concerned with productivity enhancement through the integration of engineering knowledge and management techniques in the systems. Here, the system includes not only manufacturing systems but also high-value service systems. SME is a field that structures manufacturing and service systems harmoniously, designs the systems for optimum values, manages them in an efficient and innovative way. The department produces engineering managers with systematic minds and the ability to undertake management control of element technology of brand-new products and new service creative technology, element technology data manufacturing and application technology. To achieve these aims, the department offers an education program on engineering management technology such as quality control, management control, management decision making, production/supply and information system design technology on the bases of fundamental subjects such as system integration and optimization, data analysis and application, economic evaluation and computer information processing.

Job Opportunities

A variety of private/public sectors and manufacturing/service industries are in great need of SME graduates as production engineers, quality specialists, management consultants and systems analysts.

· Manufacturing Industries : Operations Management, Quality Control, Material Handling, Cost Management, Planning, Marketing, Project Management, Product Development

· Service Industries: Public Services, Distribution/Logistics, Information/Communication, Finance, Consulting Related Major Certificates

· Quality Management, Information Processing, Logistics Management, E-commerce, MCSE, CPIM, CQE

Faculty List

Name Specialty E-mail
Woonseek Lee System Optimization and Integration
Shiegheun Koh System Management
Pyung-Hoi Koo Supply Chain and Production Management
Young-Jin Kim Applied Statistics
Min-Soo Kim Business Computing
Wonchul Seo Technology Management
Jihwan Lee Product and Service Engineering
Taesun Yu Smart manufacturing
Yushin Lee Ergonomics
Sungchul Choi Industrial AI
Yoonjea Jung SCM