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For the development of lifelong education!

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  • Date : 2019-12-06 오전 10:44:43
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For the development of lifelong education! - 클릭 시 이미지 크게 보기 : 새창열림
Pukyong National University holds policy forum for lifelong education system support project

on November 11, at National Assembly Library ... 250 participants from universities, governments, etc.

△ Forum participants are taking a commemorative photo.

Pukyong National University held the 'LiFE Policy Forum for University Lifelong Education System for Revitalization after Pre-Employment' attended by 250 people, including Kim Hae-Young, a member of the National Assembly, the President Yoon Yeo-gak of National Institute for Lifelong Education, Kim Young-seup, the President of Pukyong National University, at the B1F auditorium on the 11th floor of the National Assembly Library.

National Assembly Education Committee Kim Hae-young, a member of the National Assembly for Lifelong Education System Support, sponsored by the National University Council (President's Pukyong National University), sponsored by the Ministry of Education, and the National Institute for Lifelong Promotion, this event is a vision of lifelong learning to revitalize the university's lifelong education system support project. It is to share the information and analyze the development plan.

On this day, the forum provided a forum for comprehensive discussions between the government, academia, the field, and partner institutions, including keynote lectures on the necessity of the university's lifelong learning society to draw policy directions, as well as the meaning and development of the university's lifelong education system. The presentations were conducted on topics such as the academic affairs, academia, related institutions, and government.

The keynote speech was presented by Professor Ryu Jang-soo (Department of Economics), the President of the Ministry of Education's University Structural Reform. Professor Ryu emphasized that lifelong learning will become more proliferated and solidified in the future due to the scientific and technological revolution, the arrival of aging society, and shorter working hours, and the role of the university will be more important.

The presentation of the theme was conducted by Park Dong-yeol, Senior Research Fellow, Lifelong Vocational Education Research Division, Korea Vocational Competency Development Center.

Subsequently, in the general debate, Chairman Joo Dong-beom, Pukyong National University, head of the University of Future Convergence gave a presentation and discussion on areas of lifelong education, regional policy, university and industrial field.

The comprehensive discussions included the role and development direction of the LiFE project for the community (Park Young-mi, Director, Busan Institute for Talent & Lifelong Education), as well as proposals for the project and leap of the LiFE project viewed from the field (Kwon Doo-seung, Head of Planning Division, Myongji College) , 'Problem of Corporate Issues for Continued Support of Adult Learners (Yoo Sun-hee, Director of POSCO Group University),' and 'Government Policy Direction for Revitalizing LiFE Project' (Director of Lifelong Education Policy Division, Jung Yoon-kyung, Ministry of Education. <Pukyong Today>

△ President Kim Young-seup is giving a congratulatory address.

△ A panoramic view of the forum venue.

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