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Let us prevent ourselves from getting novel coronarvirus

  • Writer : 공과대학
  • Date : 2020-07-14 오전 10:28:27
  • Count : 670
Let us prevent ourselves from getting novel coronarvirus - 클릭 시 이미지 크게 보기 : 새창열림

"Even if you do not have symptoms, if you have visited China, please self-isolate(stop going school)."
PKNU officially started an investigation into whether 20,000 of students, faculty, and staff members visited China’If you have visited China after January 1, please notify the school. Also, if you return to Korea after visiting China, please keep your self-isolated (stay home and stop going school) for 14 days after entering Korea.
Pukyong National University is conducting a full survey to confirm whether visited China, including 20,000 students and faculty members to prevent novel coronavirus infection.
Pukyong National University held an emergency countermeasure by President Kim Young-seup in the 3rd floor meeting room at the university headquarters on January 28th at 10:00am and began emergency measures to prevent new coronavirus infections, including the operation of the task force.
According to this measure, those who have visited and return from China after January 1 must call to the department office (domestic students and professors), the International Exchange Headquarters (foreign international students), the General Affairs Division (administrative staff) or the task force (051-629-4000) to urgently inform them of their visit to China.
Especially, visitors to China are required to inform the school of the fact and at the same time, even if there are no special symptoms, they are urged to stay home and prohibit external contact themselves.
Pukyong National University canceled the Korean language training program for foreigners, including Chinese students. In particular, Pukyong National University has reduced or minimized various events such as graduation ceremonies. If the event is inevitable, the department is advised to take precautions such as fever screening and wearing a mask before the event.
Pukyong National University immediately provided disinfectants and masks in the campuses’ multi-use facilities, such as cafeterias, libraries, cafes, administrative offices, and laboratories. Pukyong National University Health Center recommended purchasing KF94 or higher specifications for masks, and using hand cleaners with 70% or more alcohol content.
All buildings on campuses are planned to be quarantined for three days starting on 29th. On-campus quarantine activity will be conducted once a week until the situation is cleared up.
Pukyong National University will put efforts to promote prevention by producing novel coronavirus prevention notices in Korean, Chinese, and English and distributing them immediately to dormitories and offices. <Pukyong Today>