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Architectural engineering major is the study to learn every technical elements needed to create architectural environment for human being. The majors are comprised of building construction, structure, and equipment part. In this major is based on basic understanding of architectural design and go out with course of study from professional practice of architecture. We are goal to cultivate professional architectural engineering personality of talent. 건축공학과 사진2
교수 및 담당과목
Name Specialty E-mail
Park, Cheon-Seok Structural Mechanics
Lee, Soo-Yong Building Construction & Materials
Kim, Young-Chan Structural Mechanics
Lee, Jae-Yong Construction Management
Cho,Young-Haeng Architectural Planning & Design
Jung, Gun-Joo Building Environment & Equipment
Chung, Chul-Woo Construction Materials
Rhee, Kyu-Nam Building Environment & Equipment
졸업 후 진로
Researcher in architectural engineering research institute, Public officer related to the vusiness of architecture, Professional engineer in construction companies, Structural engineer, Safety manager, Building facility manager, Architectural engineer for public enterprises, Construction manager(supervisor), etc.
· to educate future oriented students who can lead the global competitions in architectural
· to provide the leading capability for the development of new architectural engineering
· to produce architectural engineers with professional capability in construction engineering
· to develop professional architectural engineers with background and design capability